Serpente and Company

Our Franchising Process

We perform the 7 steps to success that can get your franchise up, running & successful!
Before you invest time and energy in exploring franchising possibilities, we suggest you allow us to critique the franchising potential of your business.

If in our opinion, your business has good franchising possibilities, Franchise Creators will approach the project with complete integration… the Seven Steps to Success. Our fully-involved, hands-on company will be responsible for the creation of the entire franchise program, from concept to site selection and the franchise sale. In so doing, we will follow this roadmap in bringing your franchise into being, and assuring its success:

Step 1. Planning

Success begins with careful planning: time schedules, policies, critical paths and problem anticipation. Our experience and detail orientation can prevent costly mistakes.

• Policy Determination
• Time Schedules

Step 2. Packaging and Financing

Our years of marketing expertise and franchising skills come into play as we prepare the Franchise package. Develop site selection guidelines, define the franchisor/franchisee relationship, anticipate legal requirements, price the package to be competitive yet profitable, and coordinate financing.

• Franchise Formatting
• Design-Exterior/Interior Overview
• Equipment Analysis
• Signage and Graphics
• Establishing Capital Requirements
• Determine Fees/Royalties
• Investment Analysis and Package Pricing
• Financial Resource Development

Step 3. Advertising, Marketing and Promotion

It takes creative marketing, coordinated communications, compelling advertising and aggressive promotions to position a franchise so it soars above the competition, and to develop sales for franchises at all levels, from assisting individual franchisees to mounting regional and national campaigns and promotions. Too often, franchisors and the companies that sell them do not provide the marketing support so essential to success — the advertising and communications programs that build franchise traffic and boost revenues. We have the marketing skills to accomplish the sales and traffic goals of franchisor and franchisee alike.

• Corporate marketing materials
• Retail Advertising and Marketing Materials
• Advertising Campaigns
• Sales Promotions and Materials
• Public Relations/Publicity

Step 4. Real Estate/Site Development

Site selection and traffic patterns are critical elements of a franchise’s success. We conduct every step, from comprehensive analysis of available locations to option leasing, rent negotiation or site purchase. We have the years of experience and the rapport with major real estate developers and managers coast-to-coast that are needed to make the right location choices.

• Developers’ Marketing Materials
• Site Selection Criteria and Implementation
• Rent/Purchase Negotiation

Step 5. Legal Services

We are experts in our knowledge of Federal and state franchising laws and regulations. Our legal associates help us protect franchisor and franchisees with agreements that work in this fast-changing environment.

• Franchise Disclosure Agreement
• Franchise Contracts/Related Documents
• State Registrations and Filings
• Compliance with Federal and State Laws

Step 6. Franchise Sales

As seasoned professionals, not only do they know the business complexion of the franchises they are marketing, they are equally skilled at high-investment marketing, prospect evaluation and sales closing — the ultimate steps in successfully promoting a franchise.

• Lead Generation
• Recruitment
• Prospect Qualifying/Evaluation
• Credit Verification

Step 7. Operations and Follow-Up

Our responsibility as franchise marketers is to help you as a client to develop and organize your core company into an entity that can be franchised successfully. Our expertise can be invaluable as we provide the following elements, designed to serve the day-to-day operation of your franchise. The net result is success in your long-term administration and franchising activities.

• Administrative Overview
• General Operations Manual
• Technical Methods and Procedures Manual
• Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Manual
• Training Program
• Operation Support Techniques
• Managers’ Manual
• Employee Manual
• And More